Housing image model
Housing image model

Landlord Liaison Program

The Landlord Liaison Program (LLP) is a partnership between landlords, property managers, service agencies and people experiencing homelessness. The LLP project recruits property owners to rent to households experiencing homelessness using a rapid re-housing approach. Families and individuals receive support services to assist with building a stable, productive life.

Contact Tina McLeod at (253) 426-1503 or TinaM@AssociatedMinistries.org


Visit the Landlord Liaison Program Website

  • Quick Tenant Identification
  • No need to advertise units
  • Reduced vacancy rate
  • 24-hour exclusive support hotline
  • Access to Risk Mitigation Funds
  • Tenants with access to Renter’s Readiness & community resources 

(Draft not final approval from the county)

Cover for the term of the initial lease agreement:

  • Excessive Damage up to $2,000 for single unit and $3,000 for a multi-bedroom unit
  • Tenant issue resolution/formal mediation
  • Property Partners protected from Vacancy Loss up to 30 days
  • Advance Rental Concession (pre-payment up to $1,200 to help meet income requirements)
  • Legal or Eviction Fees up to $1,000.
  • Single Family Homes
  • Condominium units
  • Apartment units
  • Mobile & manufactured homes
  • Individual rooms and shared housing
  • Property & Case Management
  • Client Screening
  • Emergency housing or shelter services
  • Rental Assistance