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Housing image model

Landlord Liaison Program

LLP is a program committed to increasing access to affordable housing for the Pierce County Homeless System by connecting Tenants with housing opportunities provided by property owners & managers (property partners). The program serves Property Partners in all of Pierce County who provide affordable housing and supplements Pierce County funded Rapid Rehousing programs & case managers by increasing their access (as provided by Property Partners).

We request that Landlords use relaxed screening criteria to house people with barriers such as evictions, poor credit and low income, in order to access our risk mitigation funds.


Contact Alexis Eykel at (253) 426-1503 or

Visit the Landlord Liaison Program Website

Incentives to property partners

  • Quick Tenant Identification
  • No need to advertise units
  • Reduced vacancy rate
  • 24-hour exclusive support hotline
  • Access to Risk Mitigation Funds
  • Tenants with access to Renter’s Readiness & community resources 

Risk Mitigation Funds

(Draft not final approval from the county)

Cover for the term of the initial lease agreement:

  • Excessive Damage up to $2,000 for single unit and $3,000 for a multi-bedroom unit
  • Tenant issue resolution/formal mediation
  • Property Partners protected from Vacancy Loss up to 30 days
  • Advance Rental Concession (pre-payment up to $1,200 to help meet income requirements)
  • Legal or Eviction Fees up to $1,000.

What types of housing does LLP accept?

  • Single Family Homes
  • Condominium units
  • Apartment units
  • Mobile & manufactured homes
  • Individual rooms and shared housing

What LLP does not do....

  • Property & Case Management
  • Client Screening
  • Emergency housing or shelter services
  • Rental Assistance