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Interfaith Dialogue on Peace Building

The Tacoma Buddhist Temple, in partnership with Associated Ministries, will host an interfaith dialogue on peace building on June 11, 2016 at 1:00 p.m. This is a free public event and is open to all members of the Tacoma community. It is hoped that this event will help people of faith in Tacoma think about what they can do to contribute to peace here, and in the wider world.

Panelists include Joshua Christy (Baha’i Faith Tacoma), Reverend Joseph Hickey-Tiernan (Church of the Holy Spirit, Vashon Island), Professor Turan Kayaoglu (University of Washington-Tacoma), and Reverend Kojo Kakihara (Tacoma Buddhist Temple). The event will be moderated by Dr. Amanda Feller, a professor of communication at Pacific Lutheran University who specializes in dialog and conflict resolution.

Asked why he wanted to hold this event at his temple, Reverend Kakihara explains, “Depending on how we use it, religion can become a barrier that separates us from others, but I believe that religion enables us to accept different people, as well as bring happiness and peace to their and our lives. I hope that through this event we are all able to deepen our understanding of our own religions and the religions of others in order to sense the interconnectedness of life.”

Dr. Erik Hammerstrom, another of the event’s organizers, says, “There is a tendency to over-emphasize religion’s role in conflict in the world. While conflict is certainly one part of the history of religion, it is also important for religious people to affirm and uplift the many contributions that religion has made, and can continue to make, to building peace at the local and global levels.” Hammerstrom is a professor of religion at Pacific Lutheran University and a member of the Tacoma Buddhist Temple’s Buddhist Education Committee.  To learn more about the Tacoma Buddhist Temple, visit their website at http://www.tacomabt.org/.


Hospice Volunteer Training

CHI Franciscan Hospice and Palliative Care is hosting a volunteer training for those interested in supporting terminal patients and their families. Volunteers learn listening and communication skills, practical, supportive activities, the stresses of grief, and the different ways hospice supports the dying.

To attend please RSVP to jamesbentley@chifranciscan.org before April 18th to receive and process your application.


Urban Lecture Series Presents: Mercy & the Heart of God

Urban Grace Tacoma presents: Mercy & the Heart of God – What if we’re forgiven before we were created? A conversation with James Alison, Roman Catholic Theologian, priest and author. 

April 25th 7-8:30pm at St. Leo’s Church
710 S 13th St.
FREE Admission

The goal of the Urban Lecture Series is to model conversations that build bridges of understanding and redemptive action between faith communities and the public square. We do this on behalf of those who are most vulnerable. We recognize that our culture is organized to polarize and push us to the edges of important issues, leaving the center vacant. Edges are softened when centers are occupied with grace. This is our hope – to engage life’s most demanding questions and the people pushed to the edges, by finding centers that hold.

We deal with topics related to faith, ethics and public life. Our presenters are people who have demonstrated the ability to speak to life’s most demanding questions with grace, humor and prophetic insight.

Each lecture is unique in its structure based on the availability of the presenter(s), and the material. However, each lecture is designed to be a moveable feast involving catholic, protestant and other faith venues in the city as well as hosts who stand between traditions. The venues we select reflect our commitment to building bridges across the accidental and artificial divides the so easily separate us.


Lincoln Community Breakfast

Enjoy a free, delicious breakfast with your friends, family, and neighbors.

There will be opportunities to hear about the City’s revitalization plans for your neighborhood and speak with our local partners about cost-saving resources available to your household.

And, participate in our FREE RAFFLE for fun prizes!

Raffle prizes and breakfast menu will be released soon.

PLEASE NOTE: 701 South 37th Street is the correct address. {Facebook is having trouble with accepting the proper edits to the Lincoln FB page in a timely fashion. Sorry for the confusion!}

Pat Babbitt
(253) 208-9046


Tacoma Sister Cities 2016 Film Festival presents Farewell, Baghdad

Monday, March 28 beginning at 6:00 p.m. in the Rasmussen Rotunda of the University of Puget Sound. Join us for a cultural program followed by the film at 7:00 p.m. Friends and neighbors are welcome to this not-to-be-missed Israeli movie event.
This year’s Israel Sister City film highlights the Baghdad Jewish community. Once with a population of over 130,000, various reports estimate that only between five and eight Jews remain in the city today. “Farewell Baghdad,” or “The Dove Flyer” in Hebrew is based on a novel by Israeli writer Eli Amir, who was born and raised in Iraq. The film gives us a glimpse into the lives of one of the oldest and largest Jewish communities in the Middle East on the eve of the establishment of the State of Israel. The story centers on 17-year-old Kabi Imari, an Iraqi Jewish boy growing up in a Zionist family in Baghdad. Farewell Baghdad depicts the volatile political atmosphere in Iraq which affected the Jewish community in Baghdad after the “Farhud” of June 1941, when Iraqi Jews were attacked and killed and Jewish property was looted. It portrays a Jewish community that embraced the Arab society it was a part of for over 2000 years while maintaining its distinct Jewish identity, traditions and culture.
For further information, please contact at (253) 752-5841 or  j.warnick@comcast.net or Tovah Ahdut at (253) 752-6852, or nudnikeet@aol.com Admission is free but seats are limited. The 2016 Tacoma Sister Cities Film Festival will be held on Monday evenings from February 1 to April 25. All Films will be shown in University of Puget Sound’s Rasmussen Rotunda, located inside the Wheelock Student Center. For a complete schedule, visit www.sistercityfilmfest.org

11th Annual Plant Exchange

Invite all your friends, family members, distant acquaintances and fellow gardeners to donate a plant(s) and take a new plant(s) home.  There is no charge at all – you simply exchange the old for the new. This way, everybody wins, including Mother Earth!  See you there…in the parking lot!



To get ready, simply begin by gathering up your extra plants, starts, cuttings, bulbs, perennials, hothouse treasures, seeds, etc. and put them in containers right now. And, when you divide those varieties that are taking up too much space in your garden, put them in an old pot, instead of in the dump, and bring them to the IPC FREE Plant Exchange for someone who is just starting their own garden. This is our eleventh year of sharing our garden bounty, and the word is out, so we need more plants every year to make sure NOBODY goes home empty-handed. If you can’t bring something that grows, bring pots for plants, garden art, tools, or non-perishable food for the Food Bank. Don’t forget to invite your friends and family!




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