Community Resource Connection Center in Action

Community Resource Connection Center in Action by Debra Cole

I would like to share with you about one of our Community Resource Connections Center clients, Susan* (*her name is changed). She was looking for resources to assist her in finding a recliner before she had to have surgery on her neck and cervical spine. Due to this type of procedure she was given a strict set of rules to follow, one being to limit her mobility; restricting her to a specific area in her home.

She was in dire need of a reclining chair, one that was easy to function and the correct size for her height, and had been searching for weeks leading up her procedure. I told her about the Northwest Furniture Bank, however they did not have exactly what she was looking for.  Susan then turned to Hope Furnishings, the retail part of the Northwest Furniture Bank, where they were better able to assist her and even gave her a discounted price.

Susan, due to a limited income, did not have the funds to purchase the recliner, so again we spoke. I told her about Associated Ministries’ (AM) Family Emergency Funds (FEF) and how it may be able to help with part of the cost, which it was, but not the full amount. The AM staff recommended I contact St. Leo’s Catholic Church, who was gracious enough to assist us with the remaining amount. To make things easier, I went over to St. Leo’s and met with Jessica to pick up the check to have ready when she came for the one from us.

She recently called to thank me and our team, as she is all set up with her new chair in the home. Susan was overjoyed that we were able to assist her and cannot thank us enough. This touched my heart, because what we do here at AM is life changing. We are capable of doing what seems impossible and I feel so fortunate to be a part of an amazing team!




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