Coordinated Entry

As part of the strategic plan to end homelessness in Pierce County and to design a “best practice” model to serve homeless households, Associated Ministries, in partnership with Catholic Community Services, Greater Lakes Mental Health Care and Comprehensive Life Resources, has contracted with Pierce County to provide coordinated entry for homeless households.


As part of Coordinated Entry, a Coordinated Entry Specialist will work one-on-one with individuals to enable stability. Services will include but are not limited to, referrals to housing programs or independent housing and assistance/referrals in securing benefits. For rental assistance please call 211.

Need Housing Now?

Please fill out our Coordinated Entry Program form to see if you qualify.

Do I Qualify?

This program offers a point of entry for households experiencing homelessness. Households receive resources to secure housing and other needed services.

To begin the process, please click here.

Summary of the Process

Households are screened for eligibility either by being in the shelter, outreach, phone call to CE phone line, or visiting Associated Ministries website.

If an appointment is scheduled we will have a housing solutions conversation with you to determine if a plan can be developed.  If a plan is developed a Diversion Specialist will work with the household for the next 30 days towards that solution. The Diversion Specialist will partner with households to identify next steps and resources and the household will follow up with resources.

 If a plan is not developed during the housing solutions conversations, households will be placed in the priority pool.  The priority pool prioritizes households based on barriers and vulnerability for the next available resource.  When a household is placed in the priority pool, they are in the priority pool for 90 days and a referral is not guaranteed.

If a household is entered onto the priority pool it is encouraged that they work on finding another housing solution

Contact Info

Mon.-Fri. 9am-5pm (some evening appointments available), closed for lunch 12-1pm.

Coordinated Entry Contact Information

(253) 682-3401 Phones lines are open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 11am-3pm

Emergency Shelters in Pierce County

Nativity House. Shelter Men's & Women's Shelter

702 S. 14th, Tacoma (Line forms at 4:30 p.m.)

The Rescue Mission

Adam's Street Family Campus
2909 S. Adams, Tacoma
253-383-4493 ext. 1538
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 8-10 am. to stay on the list. 

New Life Square Downtown Campus (Single Men)
425 S. Tacoma Ave., Tacoma (Line forms at 3:30 p.m.)


  1. Does Coordinated Entry System (CES) include ALL shelters and housing in Pierce County?

    CES includes shelters and housing programs that are funded by Pierce County. We are having conversations with programs that do not receive this funding with the goal of developing partnerships that will benefit families experiencing homelessness. Types of programs included in Coordinated Entry are:
    -Emergency Shelters
    -Transitional Housing Programs
    -Diversion & Navigation Programs
    -Permanent Supportive Housing Programs
    -Rapid Re-housing

  2. Will CES get my family into housing faster/same day?

    It is important that we are clear so your family has realistic expectations. CES is not creating additional housing resources and this process will not get your family into shelter or housing more quickly. This new process will make it easier for your family to navigate the housing system in Pierce County; instead of calling 80+ programs individually, you will now have a single access point to current shelter and housing resources.

  3. Are Section 8 vouchers included?

    No. Section 8 waitlists remain the same as they have been.

  4. Can CES help pay my rent or utilities?

    No. We do not provide rental or utility assistance.