Interfaith Engagement

At its heart Associated Ministries is a partnership, one that is grounded on the idea of uniting people of faith to work for the common good — bridging theological differences by putting love into action. Over the years we’ve made a real difference through a commitment to partner with people of faith AND people of good will, journeying together on a mission to realize community transformation.


People of faith are those who have been called to love their neighbors in the most difficult circumstances, acting as agents of healing, restoration and peace-building. At Associated Ministries we are committed to serving as a convener of people of faith – and our community at large – inspiring all comers to be more deeply involved in strengthening our community, seeking the common good for everyone, focused on the flourishing of the most vulnerable amongst us.


How did we get here? Our roots in this community stretch back more than a century; throughout those years a core part of the mission has been convening people of faith. Growing out of the Tacoma Council of Churches, Associated Ministries was officially incorporated in 1969 with a Christian, ecumenical commitment. During the years since people of other faiths have always been invited to participate in the programs and services of Associated Ministries, and eventually became “affiliates” on our Board of Directors.


In 2012, our Board adopted a Strategic Plan that declared a renewed foundational mission and vision statement that facilitated a new direction for AM; rather than speaking about “uniting Christians” as the earliest versions did, the new mission statement declares that Associated Ministries’ Mission is to unite people of faith to build stronger communities. And as of 2013, under a newly adopted set of By Laws, Associated Ministries no longer distinguishes faith traditions in its membership, which is now open to 1) people of faith; and 2) congregations, denominations, and faith-based organizations.


Mission: Uniting people of faith to build stronger communities.
Vision: Interfaith partners deeply engaged in transforming our communities.


Associated Ministries has energized people of faith and people of good will to serve vulnerable families and young people in our community for nearly 50 years, and we’ve seen many lives changed and communities empowered throughout Tacoma and Pierce County during the years. We’ve witnessed social, physical and spiritual healing for those suffering from poverty. It is possible when we dare to believe… and then act. Please join us in this exciting journey!