Paint Tacoma Beautiful

Founded in 1985, Paint Tacoma Beautiful (PTB) organizes volunteer crews each summer to paint the exteriors of homes of low-income, elderly and disabled homeowners within Tacoma City Limits.

Since 1985, more than 2,220 houses have been painted throughout Pierce County. Join us as we unite to support neighbors in need! Please click on the tabs below to learn more about applying to have your house painted, volunteering, or sponsorships and donations.

2024 PTB Income Limits

Learn more about volunteering and being a part of the PTB program through the
June 1, 2023 CityLine clip or
download a Volunteer Flyer here.

Application Requirements

The home must be located within Tacoma city limits.

Homes must be a single family, owner-occupied (i.e. no rentals), and not in foreclosure.

Homeowners must be low-income, based on HUD low-income guidelines (listed in application).

Download a paper application here

Participation of younger and able-bodied homeowners in painting crews is encouraged, as well as friends, relatives, and neighbors of any homeowner selected for home painting. Volunteers will work with eligible applicants to assess the needs of their homes and to verify their financial status. All financial information requested is necessary and will be used for evaluation and confirmation of eligibility. Low-income requirements are determined by HUD (up to 80% of median household income for the area, based on household size) and are one of the tools used to determine eligibility.

Become a Volunteer

We provide volunteers with the paint, supplies, and guidance to complete the project of their choice. Gather together friends, family, or coworkers to volunteer as a team, or participate as an individual and meet new people!

Volunteer Groups

Step 1: Decide on your commitment-level

  • Adopt a House
    • Groups that choose to Adopt a House see the whole project from beginning to end. Most projects take 3-5 days, which can be consecutive or over the course of a few weekends, with time for the house to dry out after pressure washing. Adopt a House groups can choose any dates that work for them. Adopting a House is a great option for groups looking to get to know the homeowner and take on a challenge to be proud of.
  • Specific Date(s)
    • Groups that don’t have the capacity to Adopt a House can choose just one or two days to volunteer. Groups that choose this option may only help with one phase of the project (prepping or painting). Groups can pick any date(s) that work for them.

Step 1: Identify your Crew Lead(s)

  • Crew Leads undergo training to coordinate project logistics and facilitate day-of work parties. If you are new to Paint Tacoma, we recommend having two Crew Leads to share the load.

Step 2: Choose your dates

  • Paint Tacoma Beautiful can accommodate most dates May – September, any day of the week.

Step 3: Register your team

Step 4: Crew Leads complete training

  • Crew Leads must complete (at a minimum) our safety training and quiz. Additional trainings may be recommended depending on your experience.

Step 5: Choose your house

  • Most groups will have the option to choose between a few different projects. We help you identify the project that will be the best fit for your group size, skill-level, and commitment-level.

Step 6: Pick up supplies

  • Arrange a time with our staff to pick up the supplies for your project a few days before your first work party. We recommend contacting the homeowner and dropping supplies off that day, so you can familiarize yourself with the property and plan for day-of logistics.
    • The only supplies that will not be at the site are pressure washers. Crew Leads must check these out and pick them up the day they plan to use them.
  • For those who are new to painting, our staff may be available to meet you at the site with the supplies on this day to practice a “dry run”.

Step 7: Paint Tacoma Beautiful!

  • Show up, have fun, and make a difference!


Individual Volunteers

Volunteer Opportunities for Individuals

  • Site Lead
    • What is a Site Lead? Site Leads lead work parties for other volunteers with less experience in exterior painting. Site Leads typically have a background in exterior painting and/or construction, but we provide additional training for anyone eager to learn. Site Leads may lead work parties at different sites throughout the paint season as needed, or they may be assigned to one site where they oversee other volunteers through each stage of the painting process. Choosing to be a Site Lead is a great way to meet new people, put your skills to good use, and take ownership over a project that will make a big impact!
    • How do I become a Site Lead
      • Site Leads must complete our Volunteer Registration Form.
      • After that, they will participate in trainings on leadership and project management, safety, and how to prep and paint (if necessary).
      • They will then be matched with a project, and will meet at the site with a staff member to practice a “dry run”.
  • Crew Member
    • What is a Crew Member? Some groups need extra volunteers to help with prepping and painting. Crew Members can sign up for these work parties, show up, and help out! Deciding to be a Crew Member is great for individuals with little to no experience.
    • How do I become a Crew Member?
      • Crew Members must complete our Volunteer Registration Form.
      • After that, they will be given access to our work party sign-up calendar where they can choose the date, time, and project that works best for them.


Frequently Asked Questions

What if my group is too small to take on a whole project?

Small groups (typically 3-5 people) may be paired with a larger group, or placed with a smaller project such as a porch or fence.

Can children and youth join?

Yes! Paint Tacoma Beautiful is family-friendly, however, we have some restrictions on the way certain age ranges volunteer. 

Are Paint Tacoma staff onsite during the project?

No. Volunteers fully lead the project themselves, but Paint Tacoma staff are available if any support is needed throughout the day.



Contact Alissa Humbert, Volunteer Specialist at 253-383-3056 or at

We welcome painting and prep supplies, basic landscaping tools, and safety supplies. We are a 501(c)3 organization and we will gladly acknowledge your donation. Please note that donations are subject to needs, availability of storage, etc. Please contact Evan Shuster for further details at 253-426-1510 or

Alissa Humbert