HSC Logo Final 2022
HSC Logo Final 2022

Housing Stabilization Center

Families and individuals receive support services to assist with
building a stable, productive life.

Contact Kiesha Triplett at (253) 426-1503 or

If you are in need of Rental Assistance, please visit the Pierce County website (click on the icon below):

Eviction Mitigation and Prevention (EMP) is a County funded program that provides stability and prevention through efforts of referrals for mitigating evictions, relocation services for households who may be fleeing from domestic violence or to avoid an eviction through mutual lease termination, move-in costs for households who have secured a home, rental assistance, and utility assistance. EMP also provides light case management to help household increase their income and connections to outside resources to further stabilize them after services end. Our maximum help for rental and utility assistance cannot exceed past 3 months.

Eligibility Requirements

-Must reside or experience homelessness in the Pierce County Consortium of Cities and Towns:

DuPont                Buckley      University Place     Spanaway

Carbonado         Fife              Eatonville                Edgewood         

Milton                 Fircrest        Gig Harbor              Roy            

Orting                 Puyallup      Sumner                    Ruston

South Prairie     Wilkeson     Steilacoom

-2022-2023 HUD HOME Income Limits:

Family Size       Extremely Low Income (30%)    Very Low Income (50%)      Low (80%)

1 (Person)                     $21,350                                        $35,550                      $56,850

2 (Person)                     $24,400                                        $40,600                      $65,000

3 (Person)                     $27,450                                        $45,700                      $73,100

4 (Person)                     $30,450                                        $50,750                      $81,200

5 (Person)                     $32,900                                        $54,850                      $87,700

6 (Person)                     $37,190                                        $58,900                      $94,200

7 (Person)                     $41,910                                        $62,950                      $100,700

8 (Person)                     $46,630                                        $67,000                      $107,200

-Must have income or ability to increase income through our services


*All applicants must be affected by COVID-19

*Inquiries will be answered between 24 and 48 business hours. Scheduled appointments will take approximately 1 hour.

* We can serve Tacoma and Lakewood but some of the services may not be available. Your Case manager will explain during intake.

Landlord Liaison Services includes services from both Housing Connector and Associated Ministries. The Landlord Liaison Services now has two organizations: Housing Connecter and The Housing Stabilization Center through Associated Ministries.Housing Connector partners with property owners and service providers, acting as a bridge to connect those experiencing homelessness with vacant units in the community. 

The goal of Housing Connector is to successfully house individuals and families experiencing homelessness who cannot otherwise access housing due to rental barriers. Property Partners participating with Housing Connector agree to apply Relaxed Screening Criteria to tenant applicants referred for housing through this program. In return, Property Partners receive a variety of incentives including exclusive access to our listing platform on Zillow, free referrals to fill vacancies, risk mitigation services, rent guarantees, vacancy loss incentives, and incident response support.

Housing Connector acts as the single point of contact for both Property Partners and Community Service Providers to support tenants if challenges arise during the first two years of tenancy.

Associated Ministries’ Housing Stabilization Center is the tenancy retention section of these services. Housing stabilization Center will provide resources such as Rental Assistance, Relocation Services, and Application Fees to help mitigate evictions for clients housed through the program. Individuals and families housed in the program have access to Renter’ Readiness Certification where they learn how to be better neighbors, are prepared for financial success, and provided resources to aid them throughout their tenancies. Associated Ministries will ensure housing stability by providing extra supports like mediation, conflict resolution, and case management services in their second year of tenancy.


Renters' Readiness...what is it?

The Renters' Readiness Certification (RRC) is a series of free courses offered to the community by the Housing Stabilization Center that provide tenants with powerful tools to become a knowledgeable renter. 

The series consists of 3 courses per month, usually on three consecutive Fridays. These classes are FREE and open to all housing shoppers, service providers, landlords and community members. RRC is brought to you by a partnership between the Housing Stabilization Center at Associated Ministries, Tacoma Housing Authority, Pierce County Housing Authority, Vadis, Sound Outreach, and Spinnaker Property Management. 

Course #1: Accessing Community Resources - Maintain your rental housing by utilizing community resources that offset costs in other areas of your life. Also hear expert tips on how to search for housing, understanding the lease, and become a strong renter.

Course #2: Financial Capability - Learn how to set a budget and improve your credit score! Participants who successfully complete this session gain access to ongoing programs with Sound Outreach to continue their progress towards financial stability.

Course #3: Landlord/Tenant Rights & Responsibilities - Understand the rights and responsibilities under the current landlord-tenant laws in Tacoma and Washington state. 

Please note: participants must attend all three sessions to get the certification.

Upcoming Courses

Classes are free and open to the public - just register below. Classes are online, and live with presenters and participant interaction. Register for the classes ahead of time or at the time of class, and the Zoom link will be provided.

Fall 2022 dates coming soon!

Renters Readiness Guide

Tenant Resource Links