2016 "Point in Time Count" for Pierce County released

On Friday, April 29, the official 2016 “Point in Time” figures for Pierce County were released; this is the official annual count of our homeless population. And the numbers are much higher than last year: 1762 people were identified as homeless this past January (a 37 percent increase), and 494 of them were unsheltered, meaning they slept outside or in a Homeless tent against Tacoma Dome backdropplace not fit for human habitation the night before.

Says Tacoma News Tribune writer Matt Driscoll: “With or without official numbers, haven’t we all known homelessness — and specifically unsheltered homelessness — has spiked? Haven’t we all seen the increased number of people living along the Puyallup River or camped in RVs and tents along Fawcett Avenue?”

Click this link to read Driscoll’s full article about Pierce County’s homeless population and what can be done to help. And thank you for supporting Associated Ministries’ work to provide services to as many of these most vulnerable members of our community; with your help, we’re committing to do even more.

UPDATE:  Pierce County Infographic for the 2016 Point in Time Count.


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