A Place for Homeless Families to Sleep Safely in Their Cars

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A place for homeless families to sleep safely in their cars

How a group of interfaith partners is making use of their idle parking lots

January 9, 2020 | The Christian Century

As safe car parks spread, those involved know it’s not a long-term fix and that they won’t eliminate homelessness. “We’re like a Band-Aid until more housing gets built,” said Hauschildt, a leader with the Rotating Safe Car Park.

But sometimes a Band-Aid is what people need.

“When we first started this, people said, ‘How come you’re not donating money to build permanent housing?’” Puck said. “And I said, ‘Those are solutions, but immediately, how do we help people who are sleeping in their cars? The shelters are full. Where do these people go? Silicon Valley is taking steps and the government is taking steps, but they’re not there yet. It’s going to take a village, and part of that village is faith-based organizations whose ministries can do this work. From my perspective, opening up a parking lot and offering hospitality ser­vices is the least we can do. And why not?”

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