AM Honors BCI Properties!

20151117_161718Associated Ministries recently developed a Landlord Appreciation Program for Community Pillars who are walking alongside our organization in partnership to help end homelessness. Our first Community Pillar Award was presented to BCI Properties on November 17, 2015 for going above and beyond to help the families we serve transition out of homelessness and into permanent housing. They have provided exceptional service to the clients of Associated Ministries and our community as a whole. Housing is a vital part of maintaining security and safety for our families, it is a very basic need that everyone deserves. When other landlords would not lease to our families BCI would.

We were working with a mother of 6 in one of our housing programs and BCI gave them a second chance. The mother of this family was head of household and had become homeless because her partner of 10 years passed away. With the loss of his income her family had to leave their home. BCI was willing to work with her during this crisis situation and helped her move into a new home where her family could be safe and stable.

This particular property management has a risk management program where higher risk tenants are accepted on condition of paying $100 above regular rental amount for 12 months. After timely payment and abidance of the terms and conditions of the lease agreement for 12 consecutive months, the $100 fee drops off and the tenant will begin paying the regular leasing amount for the unit. This is a creative client centered and strengths based way landlords and property managers can help support our community and contribute to giving second chances to families deserving of housing. For more information you can visit their website at

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