Associated Ministries Search for New Executive Director

The Board of Directors is pleased to announce that our search for our new Executive Director is now underway. We have a great Transition Committee working with a professional search firm. Members of the committee are Board members Chris Gilbert (Baha’i Faith), Steve Gray (St. Mark’s by the Narrows), Patricia Roundy (Mason United Methodist Church), and Spencer Barrett (African Methodist Episcopal). Community members are Brian Boyd (Sequoia Foundation), Miriam Barnett (YWCA) and Maureen Fife (Habitat for Humanity).

We are taking this opportunity to connect with many of our stakeholders, our Board and our Staff to ask their thoughts on the strengths, weaknesses, challenges and opportunities that will face our new Executive Director and Associated Ministries in the future. The same people are also providing great input on the professional skills and personal attributes they think will spell success for the new ED.

A full profile on the position should be completed in the next two weeks. When it is completed, the position postings and recruitment of candidates will begin and will run for six to seven weeks. As candidates are identified, their credentials will be matched against the profile for suitability. Those who are determined to be suited for the position will have the opportunity to complete preliminary interviews with the search firm, to complete a lengthy written questionnaire, to complete a behavioral assessment and to complete a critical thinking skills assessment.

Results of all of the foregoing activities will go to the Transition Committee for its assessment and selection of a semi-finalist group who will undergo further interviews and assessment with the search firm. At the conclusion of that work a finalist group will be selected by the Transition Committee and invited to participate in the formal interview process.

The final interview process will include formal interview time with the Transition Committee and the Leadership Staff Team. It will also include a series of receptions with stakeholders, Board members and staff members that will provide further insight into the candidates and will include formal feedback from the reception participants. The schedule calls for the Transition Committee and the Board to make a decision on the successful candidate around the middle of June. If you have thoughts about potential candidates or input on the type of person we should be seeking, please contact Frank Hagel, Hagel Executive Search at

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