And the Community Pillar Award Goes To…

Associated Ministries would like honor Shereen and Rebecca from Pacific Pointe Apartments! Their incredible willingness and ability to house multiple families from AM’s Rapid Rehousing Project has been invaluable to our community.

Rapid Rehousing receives folks who are living with very high barriers to housing. For example, many families come to us with very little fixed income or no income at all. Rebecca and Shereen have come alongside our entire RRH team to help provide these same families with apartment units despite their barriers. They HAVE and WILL consider everyone for housing. There have been times when some of our folks may have too much on their background and they are not able to accept them, but it is never a flat no, these women will actually work with us and help point us in the right direction of someone who might be able to help.

Finally, having an open line of communication with Pacific Pointe has been amazing. They will call us in to mediate tenant issues BEFORE an eviction is necessary which has allowed us to KEEP families in housing. Pacific Pointe goes over and beyond to build up our community, thank you for the help in preventing homelessness! 

[Photo left to right: Kelsey (AM), Will (AM), Shereen (Pacific Pointe), Mike (AM), Rebecca (Pacific Pointe), Ivette (AM), Mary (AM)]

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