And the Community Pillar Award Goes To…

by Klarissa Monteros, Program Manager

Associated Ministries (AM) has been working with Shonna Randle from Rainier Rentals since 2015 when we first began the Diversion Project! Rainier Rentals has shown an amazing amount of flexibility by allowing families, who would be otherwise denied by other property managers based on past barriers, a
second chance in housing. Recently, we had a family with a very recent eviction and they were able to be housed without having to wait to be housed while settling their previously owed debt. This allowed the client time to contact their prior landlord and make payment arrangements to pay off what they owed. Rainier Rentals treat our clients – their – tenants, with dignity and respect. They seek out regular communication with them and focus on housing retention. We have many families who have not only FOUND housing with Rainier Rentals, but also STAYED in housing thanks to them. This is a testimony to their commitment to our community and those we serve, which is why Shonna Randle is this month’s Community Pillar Award Recipient. AM would like to congratulate Shonna and her amazing team at Rainier Rentals and Real Estate for all that they do, and for signing on to help end homelessness in our communities!

(Pictured left to right: AM Staff: Alexis, Angela, Mike; Rainier Rental: Shonna Randle; AM Staff: Teona, Juanita)

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