The Compassion of Faith Communities

“Standing United with Compassion” Compassion Month
October 13 – November 12  

Where did the Compassion Month idea stem from?  More than 30 Pierce County faith leaders came together earlier this year to express solidarity against hate speech and threats of violence directed at faith communities, particularly synagogues and mosques; they are now issuing a call to local congregations to declare their shared commitment to be agents of compassion and mutual support.

Associated Ministries welcomes Pierce County faith communities to take part in Compassion Month, with a kick-off weekend October 13th.

Activities During Compassion Month 

**Compassion Weekend Kick-Off October 13-15th**

Interfaith Shabbat Service – hosted by Temple Beth El
Friday, Oct. 13, 7:30 p.m.

Begin the weekend by attending an interfaith service with a compassion theme.  Service will begin at 7:30 at Temple Beth El with fellowship time immediately following.

Read/Share the Statement of Compassion
Weekend of Oct. 13-15

A Statement of Compassion (click here to download) has been prepared that can be signed and/or read in worship services, ideally during Compassion Weekend.  Feel free to share from the pulpit, maybe use as a responsive reading, or consider printing on a large piece of paper and having your congregants sign in support.  You may use the statement as written or tweak to create what works within your faith tradition.  

**The Entire Compassion Month (Oct. 13 – Nov. 12)! **

How does your faith community show their compassion?  How do you get the youth in your community involved?  What service projects do you do that reflect compassion?

Resources and suggested activities to help create a “Standing United with Compassion” observance or activity in your faith community have been compiled and are available to download here.

Please share with us how you express compassion as a faith community.  We’d love to share your creative ideas! 

If you have any questions, comments or would like to share your compassion activity ideas, please e-mail to or 253-426-1506.  We hope to see you on Friday, October 13th at Temple Beth El here in Tacoma.

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