In the Midst of a Homelessness Crisis, There is Hope!

CQM Hands

by Valorie Crout, AM’s Chief Program Officer

The presenters at the Community Quarterly Meeting (CQM) held on June 20 reminded us that from suffering comes hope.

The sad reality is that, just in our community alone, an average of 226 new households become homeless each week.  How can we find hope when so many people are becoming homeless every day?

Author Margaret Mead has shared: “Never doubt what a group of thoughtful, committed citizens can do to change the world.”  This idea is the core driver for these community meetings!

During the June meeting local activist Ted Brackman stated that, as people of faith, we must first BELIEVE we can end the crisis of homelessness.  It is our moral truth that EVERY person deserves a home, no matter what!  And from that belief stems hope; from hope we can begin to see and perpetuate change.

The following reactions shared by attendees of the June CQM reveal that hope was stirred up!

  • I feel encouraged.
  • I feel inspired.
  • We look forward to working with you
  • Powerful talk from Ted Brackman
  • Amazing meeting
  • I enjoyed each presenter

A foundation has been laid.  Now, it is time to take action and concentrate on results, which was the charge shared at the CQM.

There were 198 additional commitments made at the June CQM, which makes a total of 209 for the year so far.  All of the commitments were derived from the CQM 2019 goals.

You can find direct connections to getting involved and fulfilling your own commitments within the June CQM presentation.  If you need additional information or support to fulfill your commitments, please reach out to Valorie Crout, the Chief Program Officer for Associated Ministries at or (253) 426-1508.

A special thanks goes to all of the speakers in June’s CQM for laying a foundation for us all to build on. We have found hope in the crisis of homelessness!

  • Jeff Rodgers, Supervisor of Homeless Programs for Pierce County
  • James Pogue, Director of Homeless Outreach for Comprehensive Life Resources
  • Ted Brackman, Homeless Advocate and Counselor
  • Members of the Steering Committee for the CQM
  • Members of the Moral Voice Advocacy Workgroup

Please plan to join us for the next CQM, to be held on Thursday, Sept. 19, 5:00-7:00 pm at the Oasis of Hope Center, 1937 South G Street, Tacoma.  Register here (FREE, just helps us with our headcount!).

Associated Ministries convenes these meetings in partnership with other homeless and housing service providers working in Pierce County, with the goal of creating an energizing space to gather regularly to learn about, discuss and take action on the crisis of homelessness in our community.

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