Interfaith Ramadan Iftar a Beautiful Evening


by Sandy Windley, AM Interfaith Engagement

On Sunday, April 2nd, nearly 130 people of different faiths gathered together in community to celebrate the nightly iftar (breaking of the fast) during Ramadan. Celebrating together with Muslim friends, non-Muslims came to learn more about Ramadan and to engage in dialogue with one another.

Gathered around tables, people were encouraged to consider and discuss the following questions:

Does your faith or culture observe fasting? If so, what does it mean to you?

How can we incorporate the act of giving into our observances of holy/sacred times, and what are some ways we can serve our communities together during these times?How can we continue to build on the connections and relationships that we make during this interfaith Iftar, and work towards a more peaceful and harmonious society for all?

How does your faith/culture teach empathy and understanding towards people of different beliefs and cultures, especially considering fasting can help us to make a greater connection with people in need?

This amazing evening was sponsored and organized by Pacifica Institute Seattle, Islamic Center of Tacoma, University of Puget Sound, and Associated Ministries.

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