Interfaith Women's Conference: Attendees Want MORE!

Over 400 women attended AM’s premier Interfaith Women’s Conference “Building Bridges of Interfaith Unity” on March 4th.  With more than 24 speakers and workshops offered, 50 vendor booths, and a day filled with options for yoga, meditation and sacred spaces, this conference had a bit of something for everyone.  But one thing was certain.  By gauging which workshops filled up the fastest and by survey feedback received from participants, attendees want more.  Their focus?  Listening, dialogue and action.

“Compassionate Listening”, “Peacebuilding – How to Dialogue with Friends of Other Faiths”, and “Sacred Activism” all sold out quickly.  Imagine a community where we listen, talk and then act, all with a shared goal of building stronger relationships and communities.  Women who attended this conference have plans to do just that.  How can you and your faith community do the same?

Associated Ministries will be looking at ways we can assist in keeping the momentum going post-women’s conference.  Stay tuned for more information about upcoming interfaith gatherings and local workshops to address ways we can come together across faith lines to build bridges of interfaith unity.  If you would like to be involved in the planning of future interfaith events, please contact Community Engagement Coordinator, Wendy Morris at or 253-383-3056 ext.

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