Introducing Nicci Montgomery, Manager of AM's Youth Programs

We are excited that Nicci Montgomery has accepted the challenging job of managing Associated Ministries’ programs that focus on youth and young adult homelessness! She began her new role on November 1st.

Nicci’s new responsibilities include supervision of Youth Advancement and Housing (YAH), a program within two homes near Graham owned by the Bethel School District that are operated by Associated Ministries.  YAH is home to a total of five young men and five young women who are finishing their high school education, entering post-secondary education, or pursuing a career path after the experience of homelessness.  In addition to supervising YAH, Nicci will lead Nicci Imagethe team within Access Point 4 Housing that focuses on placing youth in housing and meeting their specialized support needs.

“Susan Tiffany (formerly in charge of YAH) left big shoes to fill and has been a great support in helping me fill them as I have entered this position, ” Nicci said.

Nicci joined Associated Ministries about a year ago and built up partnerships within the community to advocate for youth and young adults who came to Access Point 4 Housing for services.  She conducted assessments for this population and increasingly became a major point of support for youth and young adults seeking housing. Her work and success in this sphere of service delivery has naturally evolved into the position as Program Manager.

As Program Manager, Nicci will be the strategic thinker responsible for the design, development and evaluation of Associated Ministries’ youth program areas, as well as monitoring the overall fiscal and operational success of programs under her supervision.

“Associated Ministries’ youth and young adult serving programs are vital in the work to end youth and young adult homelessness.  I sense that this transition is a really important opportunity for us to be innovative in our thinking around encouraging and supporting our young people and the continued development of their life stories,” Nicci commented.  “As I continue to work alongside my colleagues and community members, I hope to develop programming that collaborates with our youth community, fosters their leadership, and positively alters the face of youth and young adult homelessness as we know it today. I believe that these are attainable goals.”

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