June Community Quarterly Meeting Cancelled

CQM Hands
We’ve gone through unprecedented times over the past several months. In the midst of it all, we believe this has been a time to practice how to transform fear and worry into hope and resiliency.
Some of the most resilient members of our community are those serving with Pierce County’s housing service providers. These amazing leaders and staff members have given extraordinary energy and effort, ensuring that households experiencing homelessness are as safe and stable as possible during COVID-19.
With the bulk of our time and attention focused on meeting the immediate needs of households in crisis, we thought it best to cancel the June Community Quarterly Meeting (CQM) and begin planning for an extra special meeting in the fall. The fall meeting is scheduled for:
Thursday, September 17, 5:00-7:00 pm
Bethlehem Baptist Church, 4818 East Portland Ave, Tacoma
In the meantime, Associated Ministries will continue to send you emails containing news and ideas for you and members of your community to be involved in supporting households experiencing homelessness.
We are truly thankful to all the housing service providers in our community who continue to work so hard to keep everyone safe. Our thoughts and prayers are with them all!
We look forward to seeing everyone at the September CQM. Until then, please stay safe!

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