LLP Community Pillar Award

CPA Spinnaker 2018-12

by Alexis Eykel, LLP Program Manager

Since the Landlord Liaison Program’s launch in October 2018, we have partnered with several property management companies, and received housing units from them. However, there has been one company that has gone above and beyond the expectations of LLP, and that is Spinnaker Property Management. Their enthusiasm to work with LLP is unmatched, and they have maintained excellent communication with us. As such, we would like to present Spinnaker Property Management with the LLP Community Pillar Award, in recognition of their work and efforts to help end the homelessness crisis in Pierce County.

The Landlord Liaison Program is essentially a partnership which works with the Fair Housing Center of Washington, Property Owners/Managers, and Participating Service Agencies. LLP’s goal is to effectively house homeless individuals and families with rental barriers. To participate in LLP, Property Owners and Managers agree to utilize secondary screening criteria for applicants referred to them through LLP. In exchange, support will be provided by LLP for the duration of the client’s tenancy.

The Community Pillar Award is for those who have gone above and beyond to help end homelessness. We at LLP strive to keep an eye out for exceptional things happening in our communities and backyards. Housing is a vital part of maintaining security and safety in our community; it is a very basic need that everyone deserves.

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