Meet AM's Community Resource Connections Center!

by Klarissa Monteros, Program Manager

Do you know someone who is need of resources needed to come out of crisis, reach stability and work towards gaining assets?  Send them to the Community Resource Connections Center (CRCC) at Associated Ministries. This center is a one-stop-shop where people can receive multiple services.

 Services include:

  • Support with application process and costs associated with obtaining needed documents for basic employment, education and housing. Documents include but are not limited to birth certificates, identification cards, driver’s license, food handler’s cards and employment licensing (i.e. CNA or CDL license).
  • Referrals to Northwest Furniture Bank for those who may need furniture for their new homes.
  • Access to a variety of community resource connections that can help fill any areas of need. Resources can include but are not limited to DSHS benefits, food bank information, hot meal sites, legal aid, employment training programs, educational opportunities, transportation and utility support, child and youth services, and medical resources.
  • Access to the Stability and Enhancement Fund (SEF) which can provide limited financial support when someone is in need of something that the community does not provide. This is minor financial assistance, for those trying to make ends meet, to prevent one situation from having a trickling effect and leaving a person in crisis.

Anyone in the community is able to access the CRCC. Current clients of Associated Ministries can receive direct referrals from the staff person they are working with.

Individuals must meet in person with a Community Resource Connections Center Representative. CRCC is open Monday-Friday 1pm-5pm and can take walk-ins. Clients can also call 253-383-3056 ext 128 if they would like to schedule an appointment.

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