Paint Tacoma volunteers in action!

Paint Tacoma-Pierce Beautiful is a fun way to make our community more beautiful and serve neighbors in need! Each summer Associated Ministries mobilizes volunteers to paint houses for low-income homeowners, many of whom are elderly or disabled. Since 1985 more than 2,200 houses have been painted!

This summer, volunteers from 10 workplaces, 8 faith communities, 7 “friends and family” groups, 3 student groups, one labor union, and a host of motivated individuals have joined in to paint 27 houses. Some crews work on a house from start to finish (power-washing, scraping, priming and painting), while others serve for just one day. Whether serving for one day or many, all volunteers are appreciated!

As one homeowner told us, “It feels sooooo great to be pretty in the neighborhood. This is an amazing
program with amazing people!”

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