Partnership: At the Heart of Building a Stronger Community

Associated Ministries is proud to partner with many other agencies in our community who believe, as we do, in building a stronger community and helping the most vulnerable.

One such partner is Goodwill of the Olympics & Rainier Region YouthBuild program. YouthBuild works with young people ages 18-24 who are motivated to develop their leadership skills, gain construction experience, and earn their GED. Their 7-month program works with youth to overcoming barriers to employment and establish a living wage career. Employment is one of many key factors in maintaining stability for an individual and their families, and developing these skills in order to maintain work, pay rent, and fund living expenses is a challenge in our current economy. YouthBuild stands as a community to support individuals in achieving goals, learning, and growing.

Many of the participants who are a part of the program have accessed AM’s programs such as Coordinated Entry. Approximately a third of the participants are experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity as they enter the YouthBuild program. Participants access supportive services through the Goodwill staff and partner agencies, including case management, job development, education and tutoring, construction training, resources, food, clothing, transportation assistance.

The next program cohort begins July 31, and they are always accepting applications for participation (call (253) 254-4959 for more information). YouthBuild students give back to the community through service projects and building on affordable housing sites where they further develop construction skills. If you are interested in having a YouthBuild volunteer with your project or organization or be a guest speaker to share about your employment experience with students, please contact Michaela Woodmansee at (253) 254-4959 or

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