People of faith, now what?

now-whatThursday evening, October 27, Trinity Presbyterian Church, Bethany PresbyterianFirst United Methodist, and Tacoma College Ministry hosted a workshop led by Professor and author Dr. Jen Harvey. 

The dialogue of the evening was from a Christian perspective, around important but under-told dimensions of our civil rights story as Christians, the challenge whiteness presents for justice-loving Christians of all racial and ethnic identities, and exploring ways a shift from reconciliation to repair—a shift which is in line with the gospel of Christ—might be pursued.

You can view a recording of Dr. Harvey speaking before a Unitarian Universalist audience on this same thesis:

The workshop included small group discussions across church affiliations and closed with shared ideas about the “Now what?”–the meat of the conversation that drew so many folks out on a dark, rainy night in the middle of the week. Attendees named the collaborative work being started in their own congregations and their desire to expand in partnership with others. The host congregations promise more to come by way of notes generated by workshop attendees and references for further study and dialogue.

Here are some questions you can consider to begin a “Now what?” dialogue:

What is your congregation doing on racial justice right now?

What challenges or inspires you about repair as an alternative model or vision for racial transformation?




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