People of Faith Advocate for Housing Justice

Because of the advocacy efforts of vocal concerned citizens, including many from engaged faith-based communities such as St. Leo’s Parish and the Center for Urban Peacemaking, the vulnerable in our community will benefit from two major breakthroughs that have happened in the last several weeks.

Number one:  Pierce County Council members unanimously agreed to develop a plan to provide shelter to all who are homeless in Pierce County by November 1!  Ideally, that means nobody sleeping on the streets next winter!  Realistically, this is a very ambitious goal that will face many obstacles in the midst of our current housing crisis. It is encouraging to see shelter and affordable housing prioritized. For more details on the planned steps that will enable our community to make progress towards this audacious goal, click this link.

Number two:  The city of Tacoma unanimously approved a sales and use tax of 1/10th of 1% that could provide up to $5 million to spearhead the creation of affordable housing and services for those needing that housing.  For more details click this link.

We encourage to you stay involved and watch for additional opportunities to exercise your “moral voice” on behalf of our most vulnerable neighbors.

(Thank you to Urban Grace Church for sharing this information in their recent newsletter!)

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