Pierce County faces highest eviction rate in Washington

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Time is running out for Pierce County residents to submit rental assistance applications before Washington state’s eviction bridge moratorium expires.

More residents in the county are in arrears with their landlords than anywhere else in the state, according to data from the US Census Bureau. Around 23,000 Pierce County households are behind on payments, owing a combined $93 million in rent. The average household owes $4,200 to their landlord.

Come Sept. 30, landlords will once again be allowed to evict tenants over past due rent. However, renters who get their applications in before that deadline have some extra time.

Pierce County has already distributed $42 million in rental assistance to tenants, 70% of the initial amount of money awarded to the county, according to county data. Associated Ministries is proud to be a major partner in the monumental effort to distribute rental assistance funds to households throughout the county.

To apply to receive rental assistance, visit the county portal at this link.

To help AM continue to meet “wrap around” needs for vulnerable families through our Community Resource Connections Center, donate online at this link.

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