Puyallup Tribe LNG Presentations at your Faith Community

A committee of local tribal members and environmental groups seeks to engage and inform the local faith community about Puget Sound Energy’s Liquid Natural Gas Project in the Port of Tacoma that seeks to store and ship 8,000,000 gallons. They have speakers who can visit your congregation for either a brief or detailed presentation, as well as flyers and bumper stickers to help spread the word; text or call Ramona Bennett at 253-380-8777 to schedule speakers. Those working together to oppose this effort include Puyallup Tribal members and other Natives known as NO PSE LNG 253, Water Warriors, Native Daily Network, Redefine Tacoma AKA Red Line, Tacoma Direct Action, Sierra Club Tatoosh Group, 350 Seattle, 350 Tacoma, Two Spirit Media, Climate First Responders, Protectors of the Salish Sea, and Students of the Salish Sea. They appreciate your help to spread the word about this project that affects us all.

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