Resiliency and unwavering hope in the midst of hard times

by Klarissa Monteros, Program Manager

Peter is Associated Ministries’ newest Housing Specialist working in the Rapid Re-Housing Department. Within the first month of his employment here, he met with a remarkable young couple. This couple is a perfect example of why we practice Housing First at Associated Ministries.

At AM, we believe that housing is a RIGHT not a PRIVILEGE. We firmly believe that the very basic need of housing should be met first in order to lay the foundation needed to self-actualize.

Only in their early 20’s, this couple has been sleeping outside, in their car and with their cat, for about 18 months. This is a really long time and shows how much resilience lives inside them. One of them was raised in the foster system, both are in recovery and both have been clean and sober for a couple months now! They received a referral to our Rapid Program and quickly came in to meet with Peter. This power couple worked the program the second they came in! They were in communication with us every day. Their resiliency and unwavering hope in the midst of hard times is inspiring. Within a matter of days we were able to locate a unit for them. That same day the unit passed inspection, Peter hand delivered the check for move-in costs and this amazing couple signed their lease! Their foundation is laid and we can’t wait to walk alongside this family as they continue to accomplish their goals one day at a time.

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