The Face of A.M. – Crystal

Face of AM – Crystal

I began my volunteerism with Associated Ministries through a community partnered agency that connected me with an opportunity to work with the Center of Community Mobilization. I was excited to start because I have a passion for working with the homeless community and low-income individuals. My compassion for helping people motivates me to want to make a difference. I was able to get a behind the scene look at how low-income individuals in the community we’re able to access the VITA program and the Paint Tacoma-Pierce Beautiful (PTPB) program.

While volunteering for PTPB I remember being on a call with an elderly woman with a disability who was ecstatic to have her home selected to be painted. The gratitude and excitement in her voice made all the necessary paper work, application screenings and data entry (which were a lot) worth it. I shared in her tears of joy. When it was time for me to select a place to intern at for college, I knew right away I wanted to study at Associated Ministries because I would be able to work with staff that value and support each other. 

I came back to intern for the Community Resource Connection Center helping individuals that come through Access Point for Housing obtain documents and connecting them to needed resources in the community. I’ve learned how vital the need is for individuals that are homeless to have these documents and resources because it allows them to have an opportunity to establish housing, services and employment. All which help them to work towards self-sufficiency and work towards ending homelessness. The opportunity to be an intern at Associated Ministries have opened many doors for me to explore other programs, apply what I have learned from school, learn new skills and be a part of a team that believes in strength based approaches and making a difference in the Pierce county community.


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