Volunteers Making a Difference

Each year volunteers go through many hours of training and testing to certify and participate with Associated Ministries’ Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program.  Not only do these wonderful people prepare taxes and work as greeters at different tax sites, but they also care about the people they are assisting.

During this year’s tax season, a taxpayer became ill. She asked the volunteers to call her family to pick her up, but they got a voice mail. In response, we put in place a plan to help her, which involved the kindness of the VITA volunteers, other taxpayers, and the YMCA-Lakewood staff.

A taxpayer offered to drive her home. Since his taxes had not yet been done, a second taxpayer gave up his spot in the tax return queue so that the driver could finish as soon as possible, in order to help the ill taxpayer. Since the ill taxpayer had driven to the site, she would need to leave her car at the YMCA-Lakewood. Volunteers asked the YMCA-Lakewood staff for permission, and they got her license plate number to inform security so her car wouldn’t get towed. The driving taxpayer was also disabled, so a third taxpayer walked both of them to the driver’s car to make sure they got there safely. The volunteers received permission to call the woman within an hour to ensure she was okay, and make sure she didn’t need any additional care (she was doing well).

This occurrence shows the value of community, and what a great community of volunteers Associated Ministries is blessed to have!  We appreciate all the hours, energy and most importantly, caring that these volunteers give to help in their community.  We truly are better together!

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