On call! AM’s IT Director

Just as a good old country doctor in a rural village is dedicated to his patients—always carrying his medical bag and on any given day answering calls deep into the night–Peter Roach is on call 24/7 at Associated Ministries.Peter Roach

Peter is Associated Ministries’ IT Director. He’s the tsar of our hardware and software–vital infrastructure for the work generated in our offices.

Peter’s career began at Michigan State University in the pre-med department. Along the way, Peter discovered a passion for computers that led him to his first career in the IT world. Rising in the ranks of the Fortune 500 business technology world, Peter held positions with the State of Washington, HP, EDS, and he was a consultant at Weyerhaeuser and Microsoft.

In 2008, Peter was accepted into Seattle University’s MBA program. He also engaged in the Leadership MBA program for business executives. The Jesuit roots at Seattle U affirmed in Peter his call to serve those in need. An opening at Associated Ministries led Peter to a career change in 2011 that would align his passion for service and his experience in technology and significantly advance the mission of AM.

With Peter onboard as a full time IT professional, AM avoided costly IT consulting bills and built the IT infrastructure to expand services. Peter helped AM grow rapidly and direct service staff are better able to meet client needs in remote locations. Peter also put his business education to good use supporting AM in a number of other areas: communications, development, human resources, marketing, and organizational leadership.

In fact, there is a great need for many core business services in the non-profit sector. The skills and talents any business professional possesses can help non-profits build systems to reduce costs, strengthen mission capacity, or learn and apply current best practices. Opportunities to make a difference abound!

Peter’s decision to embrace work at Associated Ministries unleashed catalytic power and impact borne of his experience in the business world. From communications, to web development, to maintaining the computer servers, the network devices and all those hidden systems that are the life and blood of any organization, Peter Roach is AM’s IT doctor! Always ready to serve, with a smile on his face, a listening ear, a word of encouragement, Peter is no exception at Associated Ministries. Like the rest of the staff, volunteers and supporters, they all work hard Uniting People of Faith to Build Stronger Communities!

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