Westside Estates Leads by Example!

Westside Estates definitely leads by example and  shows us what it means to be a Community Pillar. Each one of their staff treat the staff and clients of Associated Ministries with dignity and respect. Westside Estates has accepted families and individuals who come to us with many different barriers and the company is willing to provide them with the very basic need of housing.

We are extremely thankful for their willingness to help strengthen our community’s ability to house more vulnerable people!

Pictured here is Shante, a Westside Estates staff member. She always has a positive attitude–when we call her we can literally see her smile through the phone. She does everything she can to expedite the move-in process to ensure our clients can get off the streets and into housing as quickly as possible. She is flexible and always willing to make arrangements when needed.

To give you an idea of the amazing work Westside Estates does here is a short story of one man who was just housed last month. This young man is a single father of a four year old. He had a home with his mother but their home was lost due to an eviction. The young father ended up on the streets and living in his car. He did not want his son in the car with him so he temporarily allowed his mother to keep the boy with her in a homeless shelter. Although he was homeless and sleeping in his car, he worked tirelessly searching for places his family could live together. Then he came across Westside Estates.

The young father honestly explained his situation and informed them that he was in our program. They were more than happy to work with him! He was approved quickly and was able to take his son out of the homeless shelter and back into a home!

Thank you Westside Estates for all you do!

Here is a slideshow including images from the recent Community Pillars award celebration at Westside Estates:

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