Congregations: Learn the Facts to Better Support the Homeless System

by Valorie Crout, AM’s Chief Program Officer

It is widely understood that Pierce County’s homeless crisis system is under stress. There are not enough resources in our community or capacity within the current system to meet the needs of the growing number of households experiencing homelessness. 

In the midst of ongoing efforts to effectively manage and address these challenges, congregations can equip themselves to aid in this crisis by simply educating themselves and others about the realities of how the Coordinated Entry System (CES) works. Attached is a new fact sheet detailing some of the lesser-known aspects of Pierce County’s homeless response system and implications for faith communities. Please circulate this fact sheet to key members of your congregation who are involved in outreach efforts, as well as to staff members, other clergy and anyone else who could benefit from knowing more about the realities of Pierce County’s CES.

We hope that by equipping congregations with the facts about what the CES can and cannot do, we can reduce the number of calls coming into the system from those who are not eligible; that will free up our capacity to assist households who can be helped. Unfortunately over half of those contacting CES are not currently eligible.

Thank you for supporting our community’s response to homelessness by learning and sharing the facts, an important role for congregations to play as frontline partners in our shared desire to end homelessness.  Come join us at our Community Quarterly Meeting on Thursday, June 21st from 5p-7p to learn more!

If you have questions or would like for our staff to visit your congregation or organization to make a presentation and answer questions about the CES, please contact Sandy Windley at 253-426-1506.

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