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2022 Native American Justice Workshop Series

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January 25: Dismantling the Doctrine of Discovery + Land Acknowledgements (download resources here)
To view Workshop #1 (Jan 25), visit

February 22: Indian Boarding Schools (download resources here)
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March 22: Decolonizing the First Thanksgiving
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May 31: viewing of "Dawnland" with Panel Discussion
To view Workshop #4 (May 31), visit
This video contains the panel discussion following the viewing of the movie.  Please note the actual viewing of the "Dawnland" video was removed from this recording due to copyrighting. To learn more abut the movie, visit

People of faith engaging one another in genuine dialogue listening deeply and sharing diverse perspectives. People engage one another in a topic of mutual interest and concern, sharing their perspective on the issue, and listening deeply to the others’ perspectives. The dialogue is a structured format that enables everyone to hold to their own perspectives, while listening to their dialogue partners so that they can grow in their understanding of the various perspectives, and to be challenged in their own views. The purpose is not to change people’s minds, but to help each partner think more critically, and seek a common ground that enriches each of the participants.

View the 2022 service here.

In celebration of the birthday and prophetic, civil rights legacy of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., a special interfaith service is held in partnership with Urban Grace Church every year. “Redeeming the Prophetic Vision” is free and open event to the general public.The focal point of this service will be oratory addressing some element of King’s prophetic vision. This address will be complemented with the arts; music, drama, dance and with other forms of creative presentations all focusing on highlighting the question of peace, justice and opportunity for all; the prophetic vision of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

“Redeeming the Prophetic Vision” was conceived by The Conversation, in partnership with Urban Grace Church and Associated Ministries. The Conversation is a group of Tacoma and South Sound residents committed to building a diverse, critically engaged, social justice community to procure a better life for ourselves and our community. Part of their mission is to address social malaise in the redeeming of Dr. Martin Luther King’s vision. The ecumenical location was chosen, in part, because of the aspects associated with King himself in his civil rights leadership. Were it not for pastors who provided bus transportation, the boycotts of public transportation could not have happened as African Americans in the South lacked automobiles to get to work.