Interfaith Iftar Builds Bridges

UPS Iftar May 23rd

by Sandy Windley, Interfaith Engagement

On May 23rd, during the sacred month of Ramadan, community gathered for an interfaith iftar dinner celebrating a breaking of the fast with our Muslim neighbors.  The evening’s theme “building bridges of empathy in an increasingly polarized world” was realized.  The evening did just that!

This 5th annual dinner was presented in partnership by the Pacifica Foundation, the University of Puget Sound and Associated Ministries.  After a brief and educational presentation from Murat Bahar, the nearly 150 people in attendance were invited to participate in table discussions, allowing people to learn more about each other and the faiths and cultures they represent.  After a beautiful traditional Turkish spiritual song was played by Murat Bahar, Karla Jo Tupper and friends, call to prayer was sung, and shortly after an amazing dinner was served.


I am so proud to be part of a community where we can come together to celebrate and meet our neighbors of faiths different from our own.  The gathering was attended by Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Buddhists, Unitarian Universalists, Latter-day Saints, Baha’i’s, Pagans, spiritual and secular individuals, all coming together to celebrate and learn more about Ramadan and what that means to our Muslim friends.

During this time, more than ever, it is so very important for people to learn about one another, be in dialogue with one another, and SEE one another.  I believe that the more we come together in community, the more we realize that we have so much more in COMMON than we do differences.


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