INTRO: Michael Yoder, New Executive Director, Associated Ministries

Yoder PhotoWe’re pleased to announce that Michael Yoder officially joined the Associated Ministries team on August 31 as our new Executive Director. Mike brings more than 30 years of experience as a nonprofit leader with a career that has been marked by innovation and communications excellence.

During the last 12 years at World Vision, Mike helped create programs that engaged constituents in unique new ways. He launched a national mobile tour that powerfully illustrated the plight of African children impacted by the AIDS pandemic: two museum-quality exhibits designed as realistic African villages traveled to 200 leading churches, universities and other venues, impacting 200,000 people and raising tens of millions of dollars.

At World Vision he also helped raise up a cadre of committed activists to speak out against issues of poverty and injustice; mobilized thousands of young people to raise awareness and funding for global hunger, and spearheaded efforts to engage hundreds of faith groups in meeting the needs of the world’s most marginalized people.

In coming on board at AM Mike shared, “It is exciting for me to envision the vital role that Associated Ministries can play in catalyzing a resurgence of faith-based efforts to positively impact social needs throughout our region. I believe a new movement of interfaith service and cooperation can be birthed right here in Pierce County, and AM and its partners can be the catalysts of that movement. I’m so excited to start this incredible journey together.”

Dr. Chris Gilbert, President of the Associated Ministries Board, shared, “AM is overjoyed to have someone the caliber of Mike join us to take the lead in our community service programs and essential funding efforts. It was obvious from the start that he is passionate about our unique mission to unify people of all backgrounds and faiths around the vital needs of our marginalized neighbors in Pierce County. AM is not simply a haven for talking together at the same table; with Mike in the lead, this becomes an interfaith table dedicated to action. That is essential for AM and Pierce County moving into the future!”

As part of his three decades of work with international religious and humanitarian organizations, Mike has traveled to 30 countries and is a dedicated observer of news and trends affecting nonprofits and social justice issues. He earned a degree in Communications from California State University and lives in Puyallup with his wife, Debbie, and dog, Maggie; his son and daughter are currently away from home as university students.

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