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“What housing services are available for people experiencing homelessness? And will more housing be developed anytime soon? We keep seeing people who are experiencing homelessness in our communities, and wonder what is being done? And where is the religious community?”

Well, it’s time to set the record straight. People of faith, whether affiliated with a religious congregation, or not, want to speak up. To tell our stories of how we are already engaged in providing housing, or developing new housing opportunities, or advocating for housing policies that are more fair and just.

One-hundred people of faith will gather on Saturday, May 31st at University of Puget Sound and we will learn from one another on new funding initiatives, new housing projects like Catholic Community Services’ New Nativity House and Habitat for Humanity’s The Woods, and new housing program ideas like tiny houses ( And we will talk with one another about our own ideas and our own hopes for our community.

Associated Ministries is sponsoring the gathering as its 3rd Annual Conference, but instead of people talking at the audience, the audience will be talking with one another, learning more about the issue, and building sustainable relationships that will lead to action to address housing and homelessness. Come join us by registering today: or calling Michele: 253-426-1507.

May 31, 2014 @ University of Puget Sound Wheelock Student Center @ 8:30am-4pm


Individual—$40.00 or Group of 4—$150.00

by going to

Online registration deadline: May 29th.

Agenda   PDF

Please share the PDF of the full agenda with your friends and colleagues!

8:30am Registration and morning refreshments

9am-12pm Morning Session

Lunch (included with registration)

1pm-4pm Afternoon Session


For more information please contact Michele Cotton at 253-426-1507 or

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