Meet our amazing Rapid Rehousing team

Our Rapid Rehousing team–Team Leader Ivette and amazing team members Mary, Kelsey, and Will–explain in this video a little of their approach to helping people with housing services. In 2016, they helped 375 households go from homelessness back into affordable housing rapidly and permanently. 

“We accept individuals and families who are referred by Coordinated Entry. We also assist with some move in costs and very short-term rental assistance. Using the Housing First model we address homelessness and then provide resources to meet other needs clients have.”

“In our program, we meet the clients where they are in life. This program is all about what the clients want and need. They are in charge of their destinies and know their situation better than we do. Families receive referrals to employment services, mental health services, and resources to gain tools for self-sufficiency. Empowering clients to take control of their lives is the key to our Rapid Rehousing Program.”

Landlord collaboration is vital to the success of the Rapid Rehousing Program. Read more about the incredible landlords the team has worked with and honored through regular Community Pillar Awards.

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