Meet our Intern Neal


Each month we will be introducing you to staff, volunteers and interns who are a part of Associated Ministries.  This month we are pleased to introduce you to Neal Rogers.

” I am currently a student at the University of Washington’s Social work program, working on my bachelor’s degree. During the course of searching for a practicum placement, I was reminded of the positive experiences that I had working with Associated Ministries, through their community outreach, and with Tammy in particular, and felt that this was a good indicator of the kind of experience that I would have working with these dedicated and caring professionals.

Through my time here, I have learned quite a bit about the social justice and advocacy arenas of social work, particularly where it concerns housing for those that cannot afford it. The other major lesson that I learned is that one does not have to turn off and ignore their humanity and compassion to help those in need, nor does that compassion preclude the ability to shield oneself from the emotional effects of the traumas that we hear about every day.

This has been an incredibly supportive environment for me to learn and grow as a professional. I highly suggest those looking at working in the human services sector consider Associated Ministries as an outlet for their experiential learning elements. The highlight of this experience has been how accepting and supportive the team I am working with has been as they have integrated me into their process. I enjoy the sense of working within a supportive family that truly care, and support your success while helping you rebuild and recover from setbacks.”

Associated Ministries offers internships for both college and high school interns as well as Community Jobs and interns looking to increase their work experience and skills through training.  For more information on interning with AM, please contact Wendy at

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