Meet Sagan

Sagan is a Housing Specialist with Associated Ministries (AM), joining the staff in June 2018.

Interviewer: Tell me a little about your background.
Sagan: I am from Tacoma Washington, born and raised. My background is…well urban to say the least. I grew up in the heart of the projects, but I also have worked very hard in my education to become a top-notch human service worker. Currently I am assisting in providing quality case management in housing the homeless community.

I: How did you first come to be with AM?
S: I came to AM as an Intern for Clover Park Technical College. I fell in love with this place and the families that I work with.

I: What is it about AM that you love?
S: I love the dedication and team support, the fact that here at AM we are truly a team and we are a strength based organization, we do team building events and really get to know each other and support one another. I have never felt so welcome and a part of an organization I’ve worked for. AM is truly one of a kind

I: Describe what your typical work day is like.
S: Busy but fulfilling. What I do during my day consist of screening clients in to see if they would be eligible for a diversion conversation, I also hold diversion conversations with clients and inter them into programs like diversion or priority pool, I go to several case management skill building seminars an trainings during the year as well. When it comes to helping to clients I provide motivation to keep going during their housing search’s, paperwork of course is never ending but it’s the gas that keeps the diversion train rolling in a sense. We work as a team to keep data entry efficient and correct when spending county dollars to help those in need.

I: What gives you the most joy in your job?
S: Knowing that I have helped guide people forward in life when going through a hard time, and the love shown after they are stable is the most rewarding part. Even if it’s been 5 years later I can see a client and they remembered how I helped them.

I: What else do you think we should know about you?
S: I’m shy when in a room full of NEW people, I love to ask unorthodox questions such aswhat do you all think about housing people of color that are experiencing homelessness with evictions and or with felony charges in this community under the Trump administration? And, what do you think that may look like for single parent or people of color?” 

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