Meet the Team!

Meet the Team Sandy

Sandy Windley (she/her) joined the AM Team 13 years ago. During that time, Sandy has served as Executive Assistant, Interfaith Engagement Specialist, and Communications Coordinator.

One of the favorite parts of her job is organizing interfaith events. You may have met her at one! Interfaith dialogue and learning is one of Sandy’s passions and favorite things to immerse herself in. Learning from one another in community is vital. Being able to attend two Parliament of World Religions’ Conferences has been a highlight for her. If you want to be more involved in interfaith gatherings in the future, please drop Sandy a note. She’d love to connect!

Sandy loves the PNW, living here all her life. In her off time, she loves spending time with her two big dogs Sully and Scarlett, traveling and finding adventure, laughing with good friends, watching amazing movies (with popcorn, of course), and eating great food.

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