Merger of Shared Housing and AM Will Spearhead Affordable Housing Options


We are delighted to announce that the programs, staff members, and assets of Shared Housing Services (SHS) will move to Associated Ministries (AM) as part of a merger agreement between the two nonprofit organizations.

Leadership in both organizations believes SHS’s Homesharing programs will strengthen AM’s continuum of services that work to prevent homelessness and to house those experiencing homelessness.

The community has taken note of this groundbreaking move. A recent article in the Tacoma Weekly (read it here) called it a “rare fusion between service organizations” and commended the SHS Board for its willingness to seek the best arrangement for the continuation of their Homesharing programs, rather than holding on to the status quo.

The process that resulted in the bold decision to merge began in early 2021 when SHS Board members and leadership met to discuss ways to expand the capacity and reach of their programs at a time of increased need for safe, sustainable and affordable housing in our community.  After much deliberation, it became clear that the best way to reach more people while maximizing resources was to seek an affinity organization whose mission and work aligned with theirs. It was also important for that organization to have the ability and desire to incorporate SHS’s Homesharing programs into their organization for increased outreach and capacity. AM was their clear first choice, and after months of research, vetting, and due diligence, both organizations have formally signed an agreement for the transfer of assets and merger of programs.

We do not expect any disruption to SHS’s current services. Both the Adult Homesharing and Youth Host Home programs will continue to serve seniors, adults, college students, youth, and young adults. All SHS’ frontline staff members will remain in their positions, including Executive Director, Mark Merrill, who will join AM to help with the integration of programs and work with AM’s leadership and staff to expand the capacity of the Homesharing model.

We are excited to welcome these exciting programs into AM’s umbrella of housing and homeless services!

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