Moments of Blessings Returns

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From 1998-2018, Associated Ministries conducted over 400 Moments of Blessings at the sites of homicides in Pierce County.  The brief prayer service and blessing was designed to offer support to the victim’s family, friends, and the neighboring community while helping to reclaim the homicide site as a safe and loved place by the community. The service included shared prayer, brief readings, a sprinkling rite and an opportunity for all those present to share their memories and reflections.  Unfortunately, it January 2018, due to limited resources and low community participation, Associated Ministries discontinued this program.

Five years later, this program is returning! In a partnership between Associated Ministries and Street Chaplains, we are proud to announce that this program will now be revived and organized by the Street Chaplains beginning in January 2024.

If you are clergy or a local faith leader and are interested in leading or participating in these gatherings, please contact Chaplain Ed Jacobs at 253-878-3811 or at

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