Rapid Rehousing – Community Pillars

When Ireene came to the Associated Ministries Family Permanent Housing program she was living in a shelter with her 3 grandchildren.  She lives on a fixed income and works part time cleaning homes.  She became homeless through no fault of her own–her husband of 15 years started making poor life choices and they lost their home.

She made the difficult decision to take her grandchildren to the Salvation Army shelter. Luckily the shelter had a spot for a family of her size when she called.  Failure was not an option–Ireene has been the only stable person in the lives of her grandchildren. When she was not out working she was looking for housing.  Ireene received a referral to the Associated Ministries Family Permanent Housing program which provides Rapid Rehousing services.

In addition to providing her with case management services and a temporary rental subsidy. Associated Ministries also connected Ireene with The Woodmark Apartments.  They agreed to house her family while she was in our Family Permanent Housing program.  The Woodmark is a Tax Credit property and they work with families that have limited incomes.  

The grandkids were struggling in school while they lived at Salvation Army.  The uncertainty of where they would live, and watching their grandmother struggle greatly stressed this family.  The Associated Ministries Family Permanent Housing Program was vital to successfully  housing this family. Now the family has a safe and stable home to call their own.  And since living at the Woodmark Apartments Ireene’s grandchildren have been doing much better in school.

We want to give a huge thank you to the Woodmark Apartments for their partnership and willingness to help Associated Ministries’ Family Permanent Housing program in our mission of ending homelessness in Pierce County!  The folks at Woodmark Apartments are the perfect example of what it meant to be a pillar in our community!

These images are from our recent Community Pillars Award Ceremony at the Woodmark Apartments.  

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