Sound Outreach Offers Free Financial Services

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Sound Outreach helps Pierce County residents experiencing low and/or fixed-incomes build financial security through financial counseling, job training, and additional wraparound services. Our Financial Counselors provide services and tools focused on increasing household income, attaining relief from predatory loans, improving credit scores and offering access to financial capital for small business and entrepreneurship development. Our services are always free; it is our mission to stabilize, elevate, and motivate our clients to greater heights.

With the increased strains from the COVID-19 pandemic we know that many families are struggling. Sound Outreach is partnering with community support networks and faith leaders to let them know that they can refer individuals and families who are financially affected by the pandemic. We are committed to helping families and individuals manage declining incomes and regain employment as the crisis and its effects drag on.

Each new client meets (via video-chat) with a dedicated Financial Counselor for a personalized financial and employment “Back on Track” session. This meeting includes:

  • Credit report and net worth review, budget creation
  • Financial action plan
  • Discuss vocational training or education opportunities
  • Online career assessment
  • Discuss client’s skills and qualifications to align with current job search efforts
  • Explore immediate openings in survival jobs (if necessary)
  • Provide 3-5 leads to high-wage career opportunities
  • Screen for income supports

Sound Outreach is able to offer all of our services for free through the support of grants, partnerships with organizations such as The United Way, and funding from Pierce County.  Learn more at:

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