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Hospice Volunteer Training

CHI Franciscan Hospice and Palliative Care is hosting a volunteer training for those interested in supporting terminal patients and their families. Volunteers learn listening and communication skills, practical, supportive activities, the stresses of grief, and the different ways hospice supports the dying.

To attend please RSVP to jamesbentley@chifranciscan.org before April 18th to receive and process your application.


Support  UTM:  Fostering  Caregiver  Wellness

A program of Lutheran Community Services, partners  with  local  congregations  to  make  life  better  for  seniors, care receivers and their caregivers.  Basic  care  giving  information  and  tips,  presented  in  accessible  short  classes,  will  help  reduce  the  number of caregivers who suffer from burnout by  trying to “do it all” alone.