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Are You Ready to Go on an “Amazing Quest”?

Join us this October for the Amazing Quest to Understand Homelessness. Associated Ministries has designed this energizing new event to take participants on a compelling journey illustrating the challenges our neighbors experiencing homelessness face. Teams complete engaging activities related to homelessness at multiple learning stations inside the McGavick Conference Center in Lakewood; each encounter is designed to open your eyes, engage your mind, and touch your heart. At the end of the Quest there is music, food and fun for everyone!

To participate, form a team of four or more people by gathering your family and friends, workplace co-workers, fellow students from school, or adult or youth groups from your congregation to come together for this eye-opening and bonding experience. Register your team online here.

The team with the most points at the end of the Quest wins a great prize! How do you earn points? By successfully completing the learning activities at the Quest event, combined with bonus points you can earn for raising funds in advance (an online fundraising page is created for each registrant) and by collecting and bringing donated items to the Quest (such as blankets, socks, sleeping bags and tarps).

AM Executive Director Mike Yoder says, “I believe Amazing Quest can move the needle on awareness about the crisis of homelessness in Pierce County. There are so many misconceptions about homelessness; this event addresses these misconceptions in an accessible and family-friendly way. We have two goals: to illustrate the struggles of our neighbors who are experiencing homelessness, and to raise money and resources to inspire change and make a lasting impact.”

DON’T MISS the 2nd annual Amazing Quest to Understand Homelessness on Sunday, Oct. 7, 2018 at McGavick Conference Center at Clover Park Technical College (4500 Steilacoom Blvd Lakewood, WA 98499); the course is open for you to take your 1-2 hour journey any time between noon and 4:00 pm.  More information is available online at https://associatedministries.org/amazing-quest-2018/.

Join us this fall to go on an eye-opening Quest you’ll never forget! Sign up today!

Volunteer Opportunities
It takes dozens of volunteers to run the Amazing Quest, and many serving opportunities available. Please click here to volunteer.

East Pierce Community Leadership Forum

East Pierce Community Leadership is a community forum for all faith leaders, or their representatives, to meet, discuss and share ideas on how to strengthen and protect our families and our community. Faith leaders of all denominations in Eastern Pierce County Washington, and surrounding area are invited. We also welcome any civic community organization and business leaders who would like to develop an interface with these community representatives.

We meet monthly at the Sumner Library in the Sumner Room

Faith and Family Night at the Seattle Sounders

Local churches are invited to the Seattle Sounders Faith and Family Night presented by Trinity Western University. On September 10 at 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm the 1st place Seattle Sounders will take on the L.A. Galaxy in a rivalry match. Each ticket includes access to attend the post-match Christian testimonial by Sounders Players, Alumni, and the team Chaplain. It will be an inspiring time with family, friends, and other neighboring churches to learn how faith plays a role in sports on and off the field. For questions or to order tickets, contact Michael Ciolek at the Sounders at 206-512-1219 or MichaelC@soundersfc.com.

Community in Action – Helping a Family in Need

When Lana* came into the Rapid Rehousing program at Associated Ministries, she was struggling; pregnant and had two little girls sleeping in the car with her. She began working very hard to find housing and applied at a few different places and was denied the same amount of times. The reasons varied; her credit, her criminal record, her income, but she did not stop. The Rapid Rehousing team worked alongside her and we finally found a landlord willing to give a young mom another chance at success.

Through Rapid Rehousing, Lana received help with move in costs and from that moment on Lana was making great progress including paying 100 percent of her rent, her electric bill, getting her oldest child into school, and even working during her last month of pregnancy. She was working very hard and was making it, but she had one big concern; her home had begun to show the signs of a roach infestation. She bug-bombed the place a couple of times on her own, but was unsuccessful.

As time passed and her tries to end the infestation failed, and as her pregnancy advanced, she grew more concerned. Lana had gotten used to cleaning incessantly and watching her children around the clock to make sure that no bugs got close to them, but once she realized that her newborn baby would be exposed and in danger, the thought of staying there was becoming less a safe option. At that point Associated Ministries put out the word to the community for assistance. We needed help in preventing Lana’s housing from becoming insecure.

RAMBO Pest Control answered the call. RAMBO offered a completely pro-bono fumigation service for the entire four-plex! They got out there right away and took care of the problem, then offered a discounted monthly service that Lana was able to present to her landlord and neighbors, in hopes of keeping the homes free of bugs.

“We appreciate how RAMBO stepped up so quickly to lend a hand to a family in need”, stated AM staff member Alexis Agee-Cooper. “Their willingness to go above and beyond to ensure the entire four-plex was fumigated, was a wonderful gift to the all of the tenants and the community.”

Since then, Lana’s baby was born and the efforts of RAMBO have helped her keep her home and feel safe and secure. We are so grateful for the efforts of RAMBO who took care of a vulnerable person in need, and proved that there are many ways in which we can help end the problem of housing insecurity. They showed how we can all be a part of the solution in different ways.

*For confidentiality, the name of the client has been changed.

Hilltop Street Fair

On Saturday, August 27, 2016, 11am – 7pm, Tacoma’s Hilltop Street Fair will expand from 9th St to 13th St and MLK Way. More arts! More music! More fun!

  • 3 music stages
  • Hilltop film competition
  • Talent show, dance, art, spoken word
  • Car show
  • Bike fun
  • Kids’ activities & entertainment
  • Sidewalk chalk-off
  • Beer garden
  • Food/arts & craft vendors
  • Free kids’ books
  • Free health & dental screenings


MLK Jr. Way from 9th to 13th


11th Annual Plant Exchange

Invite all your friends, family members, distant acquaintances and fellow gardeners to donate a plant(s) and take a new plant(s) home.  There is no charge at all – you simply exchange the old for the new. This way, everybody wins, including Mother Earth!  See you there…in the parking lot!



To get ready, simply begin by gathering up your extra plants, starts, cuttings, bulbs, perennials, hothouse treasures, seeds, etc. and put them in containers right now. And, when you divide those varieties that are taking up too much space in your garden, put them in an old pot, instead of in the dump, and bring them to the IPC FREE Plant Exchange for someone who is just starting their own garden. This is our eleventh year of sharing our garden bounty, and the word is out, so we need more plants every year to make sure NOBODY goes home empty-handed. If you can’t bring something that grows, bring pots for plants, garden art, tools, or non-perishable food for the Food Bank. Don’t forget to invite your friends and family!




7th Annual Hilltop Healthy Kids & Family Carnival

You’re invited to the 7th Annual Hilltop Healthy Kids & Family Carnival! 


  • National Children’s Dental Health Month
  • National Heart Health Month
  • Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month
  • Black History Month


  • DJ Supa Sam, Kube 93 FM
  • Free T-Shirts
  • Free Food
  • Fun Games, Toys & Prizes
  • Bicycles & Gift Cards Raffle
  • Free Dental Cleaning for Adults & Children
  • Free Blood Pressure Screening for Adults & Children
  • Free Haircuts
  • Live Music + Lots of fun! 


Village Keepers Tacoma – Free Friday Meals

Village Keepers Tacoma is serving free meals to youth, young adults and their families at the Peoples Community Center in Tacoma. The Community Dinner is every Friday from 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm

Additional Lunch Service Dates & Times:

  • March 21st 12-2pm
  • April 4th 12-2pm
  • April 5th 12-2pm
  • April 6th 12-2pm
  • April 7th 12-2pm
  • April 8th 12-2pm

Interested in giving a hand? Reach out to us via email village_keepers@yahoo.com phone 253-693-8165 or on Twitter @villagefirst1