Why Volunteering Is Important To Me

This is a guest post from Paint Tacoma-Pierce Beautiful volunteer Alyssa Carpenter.

I was raised in a family that taught me the value of paying things forward and putting in more work, effort and passAlyssaion than you might get back. These teachings have become a central part of my being. Over the course of the last 15 years I have done a considerable amount of volunteering: went on a mission trip with my youth group, spent countless hours serving my church, and have been a team leader in a number of Vacation Bible Schools. Additionally, I have been involved in American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life since 2001. Most recently I have volunteered for Paint Tacoma-Pierce Beautiful, painting houses and helping direct fellow volunteers. All of these experiences have brought me some sort of joy in life and I hope to be able to continue finding new avenues to get the same intrinsic sense of accomplishment.

By beginning to volunteer with Associated Ministries this last year I have been able to broaden the scope of the volunteer work that I am involved with. Being involved with AM has helped me to practice event planning on a small scale by organizing and detailing their volunteer appreciation parties. Not only is the organization enriching my life by allowing me to engage in meaningful experiences but it is also an avenue to becoming the professional I hope to be.

Do you want to be one of a thousand reasons for hope this summer like Alyssa?  Volunteers for Paint Tacoma-Pierce Beautiful are needed for a variety of tasks.  More information is available online.

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