Moments of Blessing

by Sandy Windley. Sandy works with local faith traditions and community members  to organize Moments of Blessings. Since the program’s inception, Associated Ministries has conducted over 360 Moments of Blessing.

Homicide. Horrific on all counts, including the wake it leaves behind. The impact it has on family, friends and community is devastating. How is the tear in the fabric of community ever repaired? How does a community begin to heal from the wounds?

With time, I suppose…and with a Moment of Blessing.

Byrd-4 w borderA Moment of Blessing is Associated Ministries’ way of gathering people of faith to reclaim space where homicides have occurred. We come together as community to pray for all involved in the particular homicide and to reclaim the space as sacred–a place of life. So often spaces are remembered as places of death. We reclaim them as places of life by conducting a prayer service and blessing. Just the act of compassionate human beings coming together in that bruised space is amazingly powerful. By setting the intention of reclaiming and cleansing, people can bring about a positive shift in the space and in one another.

We recently conducted a Moment of Blessing at the site where Daniel Mosley, an innocent victim of a drive-by shooting, was killed. Family and friends gathered. People who  didn’t know Daniel gathered. All in the name of honoring Daniel, supporting his family and in reclaiming this space in their community. What a powerful, emotional experience to move through together.

Associated Ministries conducts a Moment of Blessing at all homicide sites in Pierce County. It is an important and necessary program for our communities during the healing process, in helping to mend that tear in the community fabric.

If you are interested in assisting with these Moments of Blessing, I would love to hear from you. We are always looking for leaders from faith traditions within communities to come and lead these gatherings. Feel free to contact me at or 253-426-1506.

Blessings to you!

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