AM Board Approves Revised Mission Statement


As we look around our community it is easy to see more and more people in need. It is clear that we need to find new ways to do new things to meet new needs. And we are encouraged that there is a growing commitment throughout Pierce County to work together better to impact the lives of even more of our vulnerable neighbors.

Simultaneously, we’ve been doing considerable introspection and planning at the Board and Leadership levels within Associated Ministries this past year. We’ve been listening to our community and following our hearts, and in October the AM Board of Directors approved a revised mission statement to reflect what we believe we are being called to do, in order to better serve our community in the years ahead.

Since our founding in 1969, AM has consistently stepped up to meet challenges faced by those in need in our community. And we’ve been at our best when we’ve done this in partnership with others who care deeply about building a community that is more humane, compassionate, and just. This unquenchable spirit is literally part of the DNA of Associated Ministries!  

We believe the mandate to inspire, unify, and mobilize communities of faith and goodwill has never been more essential than it is right now, which is why we’re more committed than ever to do everything we can to reduce poverty and homelessness. Our new mission statement will guide us on that path. 

Our supporters, volunteers, and community partners have always been the key factor enabling us to effectively impact our community. Thank you for journeying with us as we rise to new challenges in new ways in the years to come!

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